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 New Life With You

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Newly Blessed

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PostSubject: New Life With You   New Life With You Mini-clockThu Apr 15, 2010 9:22 am

Meh, just felt like going back to what I like the most- RP'ing! LOL


Esseria is a young wolf female that is a leader of a Thunder pack. She's still really young,cause her parents died really early,leaving her,9-10 months old wolfess,in charge of whole pack.
But,Esseria isn't like other wolves.The pack is near a big city,and Esseria really wants to try to live a life as a human.One night,she secretly prays her mother,spirit,to make her a human.
Her wish becomes true.She has 2 months to live as a human girl.She transforms into 13 yrs old little girl,named Lisa, that lives in city.She goes into normal school,meets human friends...
She met a 18 yrs old girl called Jessica. They become friends, and Jessica soon proves herself to Lisa. Proves that she's sweet, romantic, kind, and what Lisa likes the most: beautiful...
Lisa couldn't stop but feel that she feels something more for Jessica... But she knows that she's a wolf.
Jessica's younger brother slowly falls in love with Lisa,not knowing that she's a wolf...Jessica and Lisa's other friends doesn't know that too...And those 2 months are going to end soon...

Will Esseria/Lisa tell Jessica and her other friends the truth about her real form? Will she confess her love for her? Or,will Esseria stay as a human whole her life? Who's stopping Jessica and Esseria/Lisa to be friends, or even best friends ? Find out!

We will start from the time when Esseria was still a wolf and took care of a pack as Alpha.


No spamming,please...
No godmodding and so on...
3 chars per person.No more.
No sms talk.
If you read the rules,post "No Wolf In Me" above your bios.

Char List:

Esseria's/Lisa's other friends:
Jessica's brother:
Jessica's admirer/Lisa's enemy:
Esseria's parents(both dead,but can talk with their daughter from heaven):
Jessica's friends and classmates(same or close age to Jessica):

Esseria's pack members:

Pack members:


Pack(for wolves only):
Species(for both):
Position(for wolves only):
History(not required):
Boyfriend/Girlfriend(for humans only):
Husband/Wife(for humans only):
Mate(for animals only):
Quote(not required):
Theme song(not required):

My bios(Esseria's bio:the information that is wrote after "/" is her human info):

Age:1 year/13 years
Pack(for wolves only):Thunder Pack/None.
Species(for both):Canine/Human
Position(for wolves only):Alpha Female/None
Personality(not required):Will reveal within the RP
History(not required):In the plot
Boyfriend/Girlfriend(for humans only):None
Husband/Wife(for humans only):None.
Mate(for animals only):None yet
Crush:None yet
Quote(not required):----
Theme song:----
Parents:Her dead parents/None.She lives on her own.
Extras:Has a red circle marking (leader/spirit marking)on her head./None.
Appearance:White wolfess with green eyes/Tall girl with light brown,curly hair,grayish blue eyes.

Age:18 years
Pack(for wolves only):none
Species(for both):Human
Position(for wolves only):none
Personality(not required):Will reveal within the RP. Half of it is written in the plot.
History(not required):----
Boyfriend/Girlfriend(for humans only):None yet.
Husband/Wife(for humans only):None yet.
Mate(for animals only):none
Crush:none yet
Quote(not required):---
Theme song:---
Parents:Left her to take care of her brother.They went to live somewhere else.
Siblings:Her younger brother (you make him).
Appearance:Dark brown hair,darker shaded skin color,green eyes.
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Newly Blessed
Newly Blessed

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New Life With You Empty
PostSubject: Re: New Life With You   New Life With You Mini-clockTue Jun 08, 2010 12:08 am

"No Wolf In Me"

Name:Lonewolf A.K.A Lone
Age: 22 years
Gender: male
Pack(for wolves only):none
Species(for both): anthro Wolf
Position(for wolves only):unsure
Personality: Kind, caring,
Mate(for animals only):none
Crush: non at this time
Parents: none have passed when he was young
Siblings: none
Extras: none
Appearance: a slake gray wolf with deep blue eyes and a has a hawk feather in his fur on his ear and stand 6'6" tall. He wares only a pair of camo pants unless he is out work with the police department, where he works as part of the K9 force, where he wares his uniform.

((you will have to rp to find out his back story))
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New Life With You
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