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 Scouted! =D

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Scouted! =D Empty
PostSubject: Scouted! =D   Scouted! =D Mini-clockWed May 05, 2010 3:45 am

So last Sunday, I went to this place called Barbizon Modeling and Acting to pursue my goal of eventually breaking into the entertainment industry. When I sat down with the guy who was interviewing potential candidates, he explained to me that there are three groups of people:

Group 1: People who are not that interested in performing. These people are advised to come back in a year or two.

Group 2: People who have potential in the industry, but still need some training beforehand. These people are offered to be trained at Barbizon.

Group 3: People who are ready to take the next step and move into the professional industry. These people are referred to a talent scout for the International Performing Arts Conference (IPAC). The people meet with the scout from IPAC who auditions them and decides whether or not to sign them for IPAC.

So when I went in, the guy took a look at my application and said that I would probably be a group two. Right after he said that, however, I showed him a copy of my acting resume and my headshots and he changed his mind and told me that I'd probably be better in Group 3! Luckily, an IPAC scout happened to be in the same San Francisco office that I was interviewing at and he immediately referred me to her personally! She booked an audition with me, and that happened today. I'm now proud to say that I AM NOW SIGNED TO BE GOING TO IPAC!!! Very Happy

IPAC is a conference that is held every June in Hollywood where people who are ready to break into the industry audition in front of literally HUNDREDS of casting directors, agents, record producers, etc. 90% of the people who audition are called back for at least one opportunity to be in a professional production, whether it be TV, Film, Theatre, commercial, etc.

I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Scouted! =D
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