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 Ashur's Story

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PostSubject: Ashur's Story   Ashur's Story Mini-clockSat Jan 09, 2010 4:43 pm

This is a story for my OC, Ashur.


Ashur was very young and curious with two loving parents. He was raised by his mother Uhadi and his father Riku. They both were very proud of their little son. Ashur was perfect, well as he was told his whole life, before his parents were set under a terrible curse and left him. Here is the story of this brave little lion. From his point of view.

Chapter 1: Loss

It was a very hot day in the savannah before my parents left me. Here is how it goes.

"Dad! Pleasee, you said we can go somewhere today and explore the Pridelands!!! Please dad, wake up!"
"Ashur..I'm sleeping! Don't awake me please.....I'm tired."
"But.. you.. UGH Dad! All you do is sleep!"
"No, that is not all I do Ashur. I take care and look after you and your mother. Now leave me alone."
"LATER!" my dad roared at me. Sometimes he is just no fun to be around. he really promised me that we can explore the pridelands...what a lier. I prance into the pridelands by myself and run into my mother, visiting with her friend.
"Mom! Mom!" I try to innturrupt her blabber.
"Yes Ash?"
"Dad won't play with me, he says he's too tired!"
"Hun, let him sleep he got into a fight with the king yesterday and is exsausted."
I sigh.
"Where is Yukie?" I ask. Yukie is my best friend, but he is always getting me into trouble. He lost his parents because they got ran over by some bufflos. He has a purple mane, tan fur color with lime green eyes. He's like a brother to me! My dad and mom took him into our pride, but we don't see him much because he is out in the Pridelands either taking lazy naps by the watering hole, or just running around scaring dinner away from us.
"He is taking a nap." my mother replies.
"Sorry I asked... he is always doing that!" I thought to myself.
I go back to our home and try to wake dad up again. Thing is, we won't wake up.

hapter 1: Loss Part 2

"Dad!" I ram into my dad like I never have and punch his nose and make him bleed after. I feel bad after.
"Dad.. why won't you wake up?" Then all of a sudden... POW! He whaps me upside the face with his big heavy paw. I feel my eyes tear up as he carries his big heavy body up and walks towards me again. I flinch.
"You filthy little lion, why did you wake me up?"
"Dad.. I...I'm..I'm sorry! I didn't mean to...I guess I.." Another swipe of his big paw across my face.
"Sure.... now you GO AWAY!" I run away to cry without him to see. Why did he do that to me? He never.. he has never hit me before.. that's the first time ever.. I thought he loved me.. I cry and sit down in the shade. Suddenly I see a big shadow over me. It's that creepy lion...Dark. Dark had a real name but nobody ever asks because he won't talk to anybody. His mom and dad gave him up when he was about three years old. He has a big Scar across his right eye and is missing a tooth and half of his left ear. He has golden fur color and a black scraggly dark matted mane. Some lions say he puts curses on other. He denys it. Dark suddenly bends down, but then sits next to me.
"Hello, Ashur." he says.
Chapter 2: Dark..the lion

"Uh, hi Dark." I said nervously.
"Why.. a smart little cub like you get hit by your father? Huh? Did something happen..? Let me cuddle with you and you can tell me all about it."
I shift my body and lay next to Dark as he puts his paw over my back and holds me close, as what I think is comforting.
"Well.. I just wanted to explore the Pridelands with him.. and he just hit me.. and said that I was a filthy little cub.." my tears started to roll down my face, they sting as if some kind of poisonus plant was rubbing against my face.
"That's just too bad, Ashur.." Dark replied.
"I'm sure daddy never ment it, he was just trying to sleep and all.. what did mommy say about this? Did she hit you too? Or worse.. did they both leave you?"
I give Dark a confused look.
"What..? What do you mean have they left me?" Dark took his paw off of me and streched and stood up.
"Hmm, I think I've slipped my little secret, but I guess it's time for me to tell you, that this is my doing. I put a curse on your mommy and daddy! "
I flinch, then jump up at his words. Every nerve in my body was now shot and I couldn't feel anything. I collapse as I [censored] out and after I go into my sleep, I hear Dark cackling.

"Daddy, are you there?
"Yes Ash, I'm here to keep you safe, son."
" you hit me!"
"Why would I do that son? I love you more than anything!"
"We're pals right? And we'll always be together forever right..?"
"Ashur.. yes.. we are pals and will be together forever after the fire spreads."
"What? What fire?! DAD??"

I lurch up from my horrible dream and find myself in a weird cave. I look around. The cave was dark, and damp, only a few specks of light peek in from the tiny crack in the roof of the cave. A few bats squeal and fly deeper into the cave. I try to get up but my body wouldn't let me. I collapse again, on the hard stone purple rock ground. I shiver as a cold wave of wind blows silently from one of the cracks. "Where am I?" I wondered to myself. I lay my head back down, stomach growling, eyelids heavy one again and my whole body sick and weak. I tried to go back to sleep but my eyes wouldn't shut. Suddenly, I hear paws coming from one of the many entrences from the cave. Before my eyes ajust to the dark misty light, I then realize who the dark figure is. It's Dark. As he walks forward to me, I see something that he is dragging behind him. Either it was my eyes playing tricks on me, or it was real.. it looked like my dad's body. He smirks and runs towards me.
Chapter 2: Dark..the lion Pt. 2

I looked quickly at what Dark was carrying. I then suddenly realized it was only dinner, not my father. I relaxed my tense body and sat up.
"Want some Zebra?" Dark asked me. Needless to say, I was starving.
"Sure! Thanks!" Dark threw the zerbra meat towards me, I dodged it as it slid across the ground toward my paws. The yummy aroma of zerba meat filled my whole nose, as I drooled and dug in. Dark chuckled as I wolfed down my whole meal.
"What a hungry little lion you are.. your parents must have never fed you." I looked up at Dark with bloodstains on my chops and sudden anger in my eyes. I almost lept at him, but controlled myself.
"My mom and dad loved me..more than anything!" I struggled to say as more stinging tears rolled down my face. Great.. I was crying again! Why did this happen to me? Dark shifted his body and lay down on the ground.
"Well I guess they won't.. because of that curse I put on them.." Dark said as he scrathced the ground with his sharp brown claw. I followed the movent of it with my eyes. I didn't know what to say. So I thought up something real quick.
"Uh, yeah.. I guess you're right. They hate me now." "THANKS TO YOU!" I yelled inside my mind. Dark shifted again and rolled over on his back.
"Ashur.. I know what you're thinking. You're wondering why I put the curse on your parents, huh?"
"Not that, but close enough, why did you do it anyways?" I didn't really want an answer but I figured he's tell me anyway, off guard.
" I wanted you to be my son, Ashur. So that's why I put that curse on them. You're such a carefree lion and all.. I wanted you to be my son. And alll mine so I can hog you all to myself and do anything to you" I look at him, puzzled. I suddenly feel my eyelids closing. Dark notices and says:
"Well Ashur.. five more days until the fire spreads.." I force my eyes open.
"What!!?" I say, but Dark as already slinked away.
Chapter 3: Fire

I jump up. "What fire?!" Dark smirks at me.
"Why you don't know about the fire, my dear friend?" He winked at me.
"Well..It's kind of hard to explain Ashur. The curse has broken on your parents, BUT as for the fire, it is going to spread out to where they're located and KILL them! Ha ha ha ha! I'm sorry little cub, but you're going to be on your own for the rest of your life. So you might as well die too and be with Mommy and Daddy because nobody is going to help you!" Dark lauged himself silly. I was sick of him! He was going to kill my mother and father. Suddenly, I recall my father's words he once said to me. "When one is in dangerous danger, one must fight!" All of a sudden, I get all my stregnth back! I jump onto Dark, and bite his ear so hard it starts to bleed. Then, I bat him hard enough to give him another scar! Then, every nerve in my body shuts down. He swipes a hig boulder at my head. I fall asleep once again. I have a weird dream as well. In my dream, I am in a dark and muggy foggy field, with my parents by my side. I'm happy and chasing a butterfly. Then, Dark comes cackling and throws my parents and I off a cliff, I fall down down down and down, into a fire.
----------Chapter 4: Conditions and Desicons

I awoke from my horrible dream by something kicking me. I look up, and see Dark is kicking my back to wake up.
"Get up you stupid child!" He scowled.I do as I am told and stand up. Dark threw me a few glares and dirty looks, then stalked away quietly. I was very confused, and yet very sad. I follow Dark farther into the cave. It takes him a minute to figure out that I was following him. He looks back at me and rolls those evil temperd eyes at me.
"What do you want NOW!?"
"Why did you wake me up for?" I ask as I try to look as tough as possible.
"Ugh, you must not know yet? Why ask now, go figure it out for yourself, you stupid child."
Then I did the stupidest thing I ever did in my whoell life. I jumped up at Dark and gave him a good smack across his aged face. After a few minutes he looks up at me and runs towards me. I don't know what to do, so I just stand there like an idiot. What AM I supposed to do? I can't fight him off even if I try! He is way to strong for me. so I decide to hurt him with words instead.

"Stop calling me a stupid child, you horrible lion!" I throw his glares and dirty looks right back at his face. He stops running around me and stops in his tracks. Suddenly he smirks.
"Oh dearie me, I am sorry if I hurt your feelings, Ashur. You are way to powerful for me..that is when it comes to weakness." He cackles.
"Is theh fire coming?" I ask, suddenly scared. I was scared but his reaction to the look on my face was a grimace.
"You have figured it out! FINALLY!" He rolls his eyes and runs further into the cave for a few minutes and comes with some other lion.
"Meet my friend, Jeramiah!" He says.
I examine his friend. He has red eyes, with a purple mane and brown fur. He is a bit taller than Dark, but he looks as if he is much weaker. Jeramiah bows.
"Nice to meet you, Ashur. I will help you to break your parent's cur-OW!" Dark stepped on his foot hard.
"I mean, I am here to NOT help you break your parent's curse. I am here to help Dark, to bring your parents to their death." He corrects himself.
Dark walks away and says, "Take that worthless Ashur with you! I want him killed too!"
I walk out into the dark with Jeramiah. He stops and looks down on me with a gentle look on his face.

"Do not worry, child. I am good. I will help you and your parents reunite." He smiles.
I smile back and the warmth comes back to my body.
"Under one conditon..." Jeramiah let his voice trail off, then he caught it again.
"You must do as I say. If I say run, you run. If I say abandon me and safe yourself you do so. Understood?" I nod my head.
"After, you must make these desicons on your own. Now c'mon Ashur son. We've a long journey ahead of us." I follow Jeramiah as we set off on our exciting, yet dangerous journey.

Chapter 5: The Journey

'Twas a hot, humid, and muggy day as Jeremiah and I set off for the long journey to find my parents. My paws were blistered, and felt as if they were going to burst. But I had to keep going, this was my only chance to reunite with my mother and father. I felt strong, and brave, as I walk proudly and strong by my helper's side. I felt like I was king. Make way for king Ashur! Everyone bow! The king is coming through! I thought to myself. I look up at the sky. It was bright as a morning could be, but it felt like we were walking for hours. Confidently, I hold my head up high. Jeremiah looks at me.
Hmm, what are you doing, silly? Excited to break the curse? Jeremiah asked with a tone of sarcasim in his voice.
Yes. And one day I will be king. Soon everybody will learn to respect me existing! I felt more confident than ever, but I was sure something was going to kill this confidence soon. I had a feeling.

It was nearly late afternoon when Jeremiah and I had to stop for a rest. As we stop near a waterhole, I nearly lap up all the water. I was so thirsty. I look up, from the water. The sun was now setting, and I was still hungry, courtesy of my stomach reminding me, and being so annoying. But there was no food out here. We were out in the middle of no where, and not a piece of living animal to be found, besides Jeremiah and I. Take a break from my drinking, and put my head on my paws. Jeremiah walks over to me, to finally stop pacing. He studies me carefully then starts a conversation.
Well we will be there soon enough, don't worry Ashur. Soon you'll be happy once again! I know we both can find your parents. Don't give up hope. He smiled.
I won't. I'm never giving up anything anyway....
Say, Jeremiah? What do I do, if I have to go on my own, and my parents see me, and they try to kill me? I felt ashamed after saying that. They wouldn't do it. Jeremiah sighed and sat down next to me, looking up at the now dark blue sky.
I can't say Ashur. Because it is your desisoin. If you just follow your heart, you will always know what to do. I will always be here, well for now. And when I leave you on your own, and you are in great danger, you must listen to what your heart says. If you do not know, then I will appear to save you. I give Jeremiah a happy look, he rolls his eyes and looks down on me.
Ashur, I will not be saving your [censored] all the time you know. You have to be strong. And I know you can... I mean look how far we are!! We are almost to your parents, and you aren't even dead.
....Yet.I added. He sighed ad gave me a loving and friendly nuzzle. Yeah right. Now, you need to sleep, in the morning we will be heading out on that path to the far right of us. I will have to leave you that night, and..
Jeremiah's voice trailed off. What? What is it? I ask, getting up on all fours I give him a pleading look, and a scard look as well. He gave in.If you see... well.. Dark is supposed to be coming here. Be careful. Jeremiah finished, and went to sleep. Right then and there my heart stopped. Dark will be here? What if he finds out that Jeremiah is helping me out to find my parents? Is he going to kill him? What will he do to me? I worried myself to sleep.

That's all of it. Just gotta think of more.
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Ashur's Story
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