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 The Lion King Series Part 1 of 7: Mahiri's Quest

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The Lion King Series Part 1 of 7: Mahiri's Quest Empty
PostSubject: The Lion King Series Part 1 of 7: Mahiri's Quest   The Lion King Series Part 1 of 7: Mahiri's Quest Mini-clockSat Jan 23, 2010 8:53 am

I'm going to post a series of fan-fiction about the great kings and their stories. Here they are(in order)

Part 1: Mahiri's Quest √
Part 2: Hodari
Part 3: Mohatu
Part 4: Ahadi's Love
Part 5: The Betrayel
Part 6: Kopa's Death
Part 7: Kivuli (Kiara and Kovu's son)

Rated: PG
Parental Guidence: Some mild language,violence, and some mating scenes/references.

Parts of this Fan-Fic:

Part 1: In the Dark Tunnels of the Pride
Part 2: Almost a True Cubhood
Part 3: Mahiri's Return
Part 4: The Wonders of Life

Part 1: In the Dark Tunnels of the Pride:

Mahiri woke up with a startle. A paw nudged his shoulder gently and whispered in a coarse voice, "Come, Mahiri." Mahiri was slightly stunned for a moment. Busara the wise. Never spoken very much, Busara was an old creature. His coarse, ugly features matched nothing to his superior knowledge and skill. Yet as he grew older, his strength grew less. Mahiri watched as Busara's muscles wavered and swayed as his strong, yet old legs trotted down a cave. Looking back, Busara called out to him, "Are you coming or not, young one? The council wishes all the lions to come to a meeting. Straight away." Mahiri walked curiously down the corridor. Not many a time was a council arranged. And in such a fashion that every lion should attend? Quite unnatural.

The pride was a strange one.It was located outside in the warm sun. However, the dens of lions were situated in caves divided into sections called tundu's. Mahiri gazed across at the walls. There was a special tundu in the mass of caves which was especially importent. It was the wall of Kings. Former kings would place their pawprint on the wall there, marked with their own blood. Royal blood. In truth, Mahiri didn't have a family. Some say they grew bored of Mahiri and ran away. Others say that they were killed. But not even Mahiri knew.

Mahiri was an odd cub. Dark brown fur and a black tuft on his head was what he looked like. With blazing green eyes and warm, tan colored paws. The tan ran in streaks all the way up to his shoulder, giving it a fire feeling. His lowly and kind additude was much appreciated and respected by most lions in the pride. But, like all cubs, Mahiri had curiousity. Several times his curious nature led him into danger. From then on, everyone in the pride disrespected him.

Walking down the corridors, they finally reached a tundu that was quite larger then the others. The Pride Meeting room. Every lioness, lion and cub were there. From the young to the old. There were so many lions that Busara and Mahiri had a hard time finding a sitting place in the crowded area. Both were getting chrostophobic when they finally found a tight space on the far left corner where they could sit, both of them wondering what this strange meeting could be for. Their leader, Changamoto roared as the meeting called to order.
"Listen, all you lions! This meeting has called to order! I have heard of a young lion named Onyesha," he said as he beckoned a young, evil looking adolescent lion to his side. "Who has come to challenge me for royal charge." He turned to Onyesha and asked him earnestly, "Are you sure you want to do this, lad. I have never lost a challenge." Onyesha nodded and growled defiently at Changamoto, "I challenge you, Changamoto! To the death!" It had begun.

The lion cub watched surprised as Changamoto circled Onyesha and bared his teeth viciously. Onyesha cooly stood in the center of the circle and eyed him proudly, very cat-like. Onyesha's black mane was swooshing in the air, waving every place. His yellow eyes glaring at Changamoto, watching his every move. Changamoto jumped on Onyesha. But Onyesha was faster. He grabbed onto Changamoto's mane as he jumped and made a side-turn. He rolled Changamoto over and pushed his full force into his chest. Changamoto gasped for breath. Onyesha let him go and turned his back on him. Changamoto's chance! He lunged at Onyesha's neck and bit as hard as he could. Onyesha yelped in pain and bit Changamoto's foot angrily as he fell to the ground. Seeing his glorious victory standing right before him, Onyesha pushed him to the ground once more...but with all his body weight pushing down. Changamoto looked up into the eyes of Onyesha for the last time as he said, "Who's helpless now, old one?" Onyesha chuckled. Changamoto died right then and there.

Mahiri was shocked. Onyesha had won? It could not be so. His eyes stared in wonderment as Onyesha proudly stepped off Changamoto's dead body and roared out to the talking croud of lions, "I am king! Therefore, I shall make several new laws! From now on, I will not be named 'Onyesha'. A new, more POWERFUL name shall reign, Nguvu!" He gazed proudly upon the astonished faces in the croud before continuing. "And all male cubs and adults shall be killed. None shall remain but adolescents and old ones. I have sent my faithful workers," with that, Nguvu held his paw out, showing tons of evil looking lionesses behind him. "To come and kill them. Any lioness that resists shall be killed as well." With that, he motioned his paw towards the croud. A gasp went out as the lionesses lunged at the mothers and their cubs, and at the adult males. Suddenly a thought pierced through Mahiri's brain like a pistol. He was a cub.

He looked worriedly around as he sought a way to get out of the death that was made to be his future. No escape. Mahiri felt Busara's paw touch his shoulder and speak to him softly, "Mahiri, there's a hole in the wall over there. See it?" He said pointing to a small hole in the wall that was quite close to the place they were standing. "Go. Be free and live to tell the tale. You are now my son." Mahiri, encouraged by the old lion's advice, puffed his chest out and ran as fast as he could for the hole. Unfortunately, Nguvu saw this. "Go and kill that cub! He's escaping!" Promptly, three lionesses ran after the hole. They sniffed it and peeked their eyes in.

Mahiri laid sensless in the hole. Waiting for the lionesses to attack. He could feel their warm breath beating in through the crack and their yellow eyes glazing at him. He started to shudder uncontrollably, the inner feeling of death gripped his heart in a trance. Waiting. The oh so terrible waiting. Even being chased down by them would be better then staying in the close domains of darkness, the hole. Finally deciding his fate, Mahiri ran out of the hole top speed, heading straight for the entrance to the cave. The lionesses were slightly stunned. Never did they know of a cub that could run that fast. After breaking from their momentary trance, they gathered their wits about them and ran after Mahiri. He ran through the dark caves. Never had the young cub thought the caves tunnels seemed so long in his whole life. It seemed as though an never-ending maze that lead to only certain death. Finally he was rewarded with the fresh gleam of sunlight. He breathed in the air for a moment and sniffed the coolness of the evening. After a few seconds, he remembered his pursuers and ran out into the plains.

After running for a while, Mahiri lost his breath and took a moments to breath. He panted as he glanced worried looks about the tall grass. A perfect place to catch a young cub. An inner sense in his brain told him to jump. Immediately. Trusting whatever inner sense that came in range to help save his life, he jumped, just barely missing an angry lioness. Mahiri landed right on top of her head. Knowing that if she got a seconds chance of gaining control of him, she would kill him instantly. Mahiri bit into her neck. She howled in pain as she dropped limply to the ground. Never to move again.

He stood for a moment. Still shocked that he could actually KILL a lioness, twice his size! It was unbelievable! Yet, he still realized that there were two lionesses still following him. He started to run again. After a time, Mahiri got weak. His tired legs trudged on gamely as his eyes started to droop and he started to get faint. He had run all day and night without rest, yet the lionesses seemed quite intent on catching their prey. They were still following him through all the scratchy bushes, the slithering grasses, the tough rocks, the cool waters, everything that came to paw as he still ran on. Mahiri felt fainter and fainter, wondering how much longer his feet could go on. He collapsed on the ground panting as the lionessess ran up to him. A lioness sniffed his limp body carefully and started to pick him up with her mouth....but Mahiri still refused to give up. He clawed the lionesses face and stood his ground. The lioness angrily pawed at her bloody, injured face them blindly pounced on Mahiri. The cub mearly jumped as she did, her landing on the ground, while he landed on top of her and savegly bit her neck. As the other one had, she fell limp to the ground, her mouth opened as her eyes were also. The other lioness stared at Mahiri, he had blood on his lips. She couldn't bear to think of her dying the same way as her companions had, so she ran off. Mahiri angrily muttered under his breath, "Cowardly bastard." Then he fell to the ground.

Part 2: Almost a True Cubhood:

Mahiri's eyes fluttered opened. He squinted his eyes as the bright, golden sun radiated on the soft, yellow grass. He stood to his feet, his body slightly swaying from being tired for so long. The cub's weak feet were sore from the previous night's long trudge through the plains. Mahiri yawned and stretched out his tired limbs. Then he took stock of his surroundings. It looked about in the afternoon, seeing that he had slept for so long. He was situated, rather uncomfortably, on a hard patch of earth in the midst of a large plain of tall grass. Yet it was still light out, so he figured it would be wise to find a good cave or den to sleep in. He walked across a large river, the force of it pushing toward his tired feet and legs, the cold water stinging his body. Mahiri winced in pain as he kept going on. His body started becoming numb as a cold wind blew his fur. Finally of about an hour of searching, he found a large rock with a small hole in the bottom. Perfect! He crawled in without any effort at all and curled up on the floor of the cave. His eyes began to droop as he smiled contently, sleep beckoned him to come and dream. He welcomed it warmly and fell into dreams deeply.

Again, he woke up. Yet this time, it was quite dark out. He yawned lazily and stretched his muscles. After having quite an ordeal of making sure all his limbs and muscles were functioning properly, he got up and made for the hole in the cave which served as a door. Mahiri walked out into the dark. The night was still billowing with its unparalleled beauty. He gazed into the large, vast prarie. Every now and then hearing a lone cricket chirp. He sighed with content, what a place! Mahiri passed a hill, which lead to several more. After going past the third hill, he heard a soft rustling in the grass. He stopped in his tracks as his keen ears strained to hear any new movement of the strange intruder. He heard a soft pitter patter as small feet came toward him. Mahiri saw what animal was following him. Surprised, his eyes widened at what he saw standing before him.

Standing before Mahiri was a small female cub. She was about Mahiri's age and was quite beautiful. He gazed into her eyes, they were a aqua blue with sparkles, it was enchanting. Her pelt was a soft tan and she had small lines of dark brown running across her body. It reminded Mahiri of himself. The young cub looked at him, her eyes shone no fear. She angrily called out, "Who are you and what the heck are you doing on my terf you moron!" Mahiri looked surprised. This was the cub that enchanted him? This tough female? It could not be true, he sought no other solution then answer her. "Who said this was your terf?" The cub angrily came up to him, her eyes gleaming fiercely as she growled, "I said, that's who, buster. Now or you going to shut up and go away or do I have to make you, trespasser." Mahiri's nervous additude turned to hate as he shouted back at her, "Well I won't!" The female attacked him.

Mahiri was surprised at the agile and swift movement of the cub. Her body was lightning as she pounced on him and angrily bit on his back and forelegs. Mahiri pushed her body off his with his back legs and attempted to push her down on the ground. Success! The cub's throat gurgled as her mouth gasped for air. She yelled at him indignantly. "Ouch ya moron! Get off of me you meany!" Mahiri pushed down harder as he said, "Say you promise not to attack me once I let you go." The female haughtily sneered back at him, "Ha! I don't take orders from a pip-squeak like you. But I'm WAY to powerful and I'd kill you for sure if I attacked you." Mahiri chuckled as he noticed her attempts to act tough even though she was beat. He took his paws off her chest and sat down on top of the hill, thoughtfully. After a few moments of gaining her breath, the cub walked over to Mahiri. "What's your name, cat?" She asked. "Mahiri. My name is Mahiri." Said the boy. "My name's Kiburi," said the girl.

Mahiri looked shocked. Had this young, female cub's name really be Kiburi? Surely she didn't have any pride? His eyes flickered across at her young, agile body. Never had he noticed the beauty of the female. Kiburi's soft, brown pelt was smooth and her sparkling eyes were glimmering in the sunlight. After a few moments being transfixed with the beauty of the cub, Mahiri finally snapped out of it and shook his head. He meekly asked, "I don't want to fight you. Could we just be friends?" Kiburi let out a fearless laugh as she answered, "Ha! So you're scared, eh?" She added with a note of resignment, "Fine. I suppose so." She quietly slithered down to a sunny patch and licked her dirty paws. Mahriri looked at her quizzicly then silently strode down towards her. Kiburi's eyes flickered towards Mahiri's and dropped shyly back to her paws. This was love at first sight. Mahiri walked down to Kiburi, his heart pounding as he took a chance and gently nudged under chin, giving her a gentle hug. Surprisingly, Kiburi licked him on the cheek back. Mahiri's eyes shone with pleasure, surely this young cub liked him back! Maybe even loved him. The young, male cub confidently told Kiburi with a tenderness, "I swear, when I grow up, I will marry you. Promise!" Kiburi's soft eyes gazed into his as she nudged him back in a loving embrace. "Me too."

Mahiri and Kiburi were happily playing on the grassy hills of their home. Kiburi chased Mahiri, as he tried to find a place to hide from his playful playmate. He searched through small caverns and little ditches as Kiburi gained on him. They ran on and on, not exactly knowing where they were going; finally, Kiburi growled and pounced on Mahiri's figure, his body going down from the full force of the little cub smashing down on him. The female laughed happily and got off of Mahiri, her eyes widening with fear as she looked beyond him. Ears twitching and nose sniffing, she cautiously travled towards a darkness from beyond the hills. Mahiri felt a sharp pain in his stomach as he quietly and uncertaintly followed Kiburi. Something, just something, was not right. He couldn't grasp what it was, but an inner feeling told him to flee; Kiburi had other plans. She smiled mischievoulsy as she pranced around a large rock that bordered the edges of the dark. "Not scared are ya, Mahiri." Mahiri looked at her frightened as he silently shook his small head no. "Come on, scardy cat. Nothing can happen here! Look, it's just dark, nothing can happen!" She jumped down from the rock and landed on the rough ground of the dark, grinning proudly. Mahiri looked uncertain. His stomach shot pains as he finally gave up and followed his eager friend. Never did they know the dangers that awaited them.

Kiburi strode out confidently as she chattered away in her gib-gab manner. "Well, Mahiri. What do you think of this place? Do you know it? I never really liked these places; I do like the fact that they are old and scary though. Brr! It's so creepy!" Mahiri glanced around the area nervously, his heart beating fast, and his anxious feet shuffled around. Kiburi noticed his strange behaviour and ran up to him curiously. "What are you doing, Mahiri? Are you cold?" She asked as she noticed him shivering. "N-no. I'm f-fine. Can we get out of this place though? It scares the hell out of me." Kiburi laughed as her mouth flung wide open, sending small balls of spit flying as she gasped out, "What on EARTH could there be here? NOBODY's here!" Suddenly two large voices chuckled from some bushes surrounding the clearing that Kiburi and Mahiri stood. Two dark, scary figures emerged from the bushes, with evil glints in their eyes as they circled around the petrified cubs. "Well, who are these, Kutisha?" A young male who had a scraggy mane asked as a female answered laughingly, "Haha! Looks like two stupified cubs, Giza." Kutisha lifted her paw and extended one claw from one toe as she scraped it slowly across Mahiri's chin. She moved her face in towards the cub and breathed in hot air on Mahiri, her yellow eyes shined as she licked her lips in anticipation. "A MALE cub, Giza! And a cute little adorable," she added as she noticed Kiburi while walking towards her. Mahiri bravely ran up in front of Kiburi and growled at Kutisha. "Don't touch her, ugly face!" Giza angrily marched up to Mahiri and gave him a heafty blow on the head. "Don't talk to Kutisha that way, brat! Come! I'm sure master Nguvu would absolutely LOVE to see a nice, tasty, female and male cub for dinner," he chuckled as he led the way. Mahiri's heart stopped. This was his home.

Mahiri shuddered as he remembered the walls as the same walls he used to scratch his back up against. The place of his birth, even though he did not know the orgin of his parents. Giza picked Mahiri up by the scruff for the rest of the way because he was trailing behind. As they approached closer to their destination, Giza painfully bit Mahiri's neck harder as he winced in pain. Kiburi looked at Mahiri with a longing and a sorrowful look of what they had done. Finally entering the large meeting room, there stood Nguvu, as proud as could be. His noble face turned to one of shock as he looked at Mahiri hard. He jumped down from the platform on which he was sitting on and slowly made his way towards the two captives. Nguvu sniffed Kiburi and took a pace back in disgust as she angrily spit on his face. He bared his teeth at her viciously as he told her, "Ah, so this one's tough eh? She'd make a fine lioness when she grows older." He motioned Kutisha to pick Kiburi up and take her away. After they were gone, Nguvu came up to Mahiri, he put his face up to the cubs as he grinned. Mahiri could feel the hot breath of his tormentor beating down on his face as he glared back at him. Nguvu turned around and slowly walked back up towards his evelated platform as he said, "I suppose the only thing to do now is keep you here. Giza, take this cub where the other cubs are." He wavered his paw at Giza to take him away. Giza bowed and dragged Mahiri by the leg quite painfully.
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The Lion King Series Part 1 of 7: Mahiri's Quest
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