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 Groups and Ranks

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PostSubject: Groups and Ranks   Groups and Ranks Mini-clockSun Mar 08, 2009 2:19 am

Your rank is determined by how the number of times you post in the forums. An active user will have a higher rank than a nonactive one. Below are the specific ranks you can acquire at LKOF.

Lurker: 0 posts
Newborn: 1 post
Infant: 10 posts
Cub: 50 posts
Adolescent Lion: 150 posts
Teen Lion: 400 posts
Young Adult Lion: 850 posts
Lion/Lioness: 1350 posts
Pridelander: 5000 posts
Legendary Lion: 10000 posts

In certain areas of the board, each post or topic you make automatically adds to your Reputation points, which you can use to acquire goodies in the Market Very Happy. But please don't post just to increase your post count as this counts as spam!

Groups are categories that members are sorted into based on what they do best. Joining a group is optional, and certain groups such as Moderators are only reserved for a select few members. To join a group, go to your profile and To manage the groups you are in, go to your profile
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Groups and Ranks
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