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 Paswa's Quest

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PostSubject: Paswa's Quest   Paswa's Quest Mini-clockTue Feb 02, 2010 10:43 am

Paswa's Quest

Also called ''Scar's Legacy''.

-Prologue: Paswa's story-

The brown cub looked at Pride Rock from a distance. Deep in thought and hesitation, it gave out a sigh. Apparently it was Scar's son and it had to take over the Pride Lands by itself to fulfill its mother's wish. It knew it's quest well, and it had no hope in surviving in the wild. It had to kill the Pridelanders from the inside out. All those thoughts would come into the young cub's mind. It knew it had no other choice either. No other pride would accept a cub from another pride expect from Simba's pride.

Its name was Paswa, meaning ''be forced''. He had brown fur, amber eyes and an Pridelander-like body style. Little he resembled his father expect from the ''Outsider'' nose and the brown fur. It had a small, light brown tuft on its head. His mother died a few days ago, after the hungry hyenas came across their den near the desert. His mother told Paswa to run away and take over the Pride Lands for her, a few moments before the hungry hyenas finished her off. Paswa went across the gorge, passed the great Prideland river and remained in a hill, looking at Pride Rock with fear in his eyes, thinking of the low possibilities of winning against the entire royal family and the pride. And that's where the story begins.

Chapter 1: The meeting

Paswa stared at Pride Rock for a long while, although it was a cold night. He was hesitating. The idea itself sounded crazy. Nobody ever managed to bring down anyone from the Royal Family by themselves. For a moment, he thought she shouldn't do it. But if he didn't, his heart would be filled with guilt for not fulfilling his mother's wish. The mother that gave birth to him, the mother that took care of him, the mother that loved him, the mother that was always there for him. He cringed; the idea of ignoring his mother was too coward-ish and jerky. He had finally decided what he wanted. Fulfill his mother's wish. He gave out a sigh and ran to the Pride Lands.

Everything was quiet; It was rather peaceful night. Only he was the one interrupting. His hard breathing could be heard as he was running. Fortunately for him, no carnivorous animal saw him. He got through the Pride Lands with ease. He hadn't seen the Pride Lands since he was an infant, when his father was a king. The Pride Lands were like new to him now. The place had changed from barren to grassy. The cub considered itself lucky that Pride Rock existed so he could find the way.

Suddenly, he stopped. He heard someone. ''Help..!'' he heard. He turned behind him, but he couldn't see anything. ''Help...'' he heard again. This time he saw the person the voice was coming from- it was a lion cub!

The cub was thin, its colour was orange, and it had a small, dark brown head tuft. The body style was ''Outsider'' like. The cub was slightly bleeding on its paw. Paswa immediately ran to the cub as soon as the cub collapsed into the ground from the pain. The cub also had a tiny
scar on the nose, something Paswa noticed when he went close to it. He helped it stand up.

''Are you okay? What happened to you?''Paswa asked the cub.

The cub smiled at Paswa, but the smile disappeared a few moments later. ''I'm okay, thank you. I got serepated from my parents a few days ago when I got lost. A hungry scavenger attacked me tonight, but I managed to scare it off. But I got really hurt.. the cub told Paswa with a weak voice.

Paswa gasped. He felt sorry for the cub. ''I'm sorry. I feel I can relate to you, because I'm on orphan... My parents died. That belongs to the past now through. What's your name?'' Paswa said.

''Argh, I'm sorry about your loss. My name's Nyota. I know this is random but I'm starving...''

''Don't worry. I'm going to Pride Rock. If you come with me, they'll help you.''

''Are you sure?''

''...Yes.'' Nyata's question made it shiver. What if they didn't accept them? Or what if they kill them? He couldn't be sure, but he didn't want to accept Nyota, especially in that condition.

''Of we go then! To Pride Rock!'' Nyota said. He finally looked happy and excited. They headed to Pride Rock, which was really close. They knew they'd arrive to Pride Rock that morning.


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Paswa's Quest
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