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 My RP Character(s) for "Street Cats"

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My RP Character(s) for "Street Cats" Empty
PostSubject: My RP Character(s) for "Street Cats"   My RP Character(s) for "Street Cats" Mini-clockSun Jan 10, 2010 10:33 pm

Please feel free for anyone to put their characters for my RP "Street Cats"^^

To make a group, it can be any word in between The ___ Cats.
The Alley Cats

Name: Harmony
Age: 1 (cat years)
Gender: Female
Species:Cat (just say what type of animal they are)
Group: The Alley Cats (you can make up your own if you want)
Position: leader of group. (Queen, King, Princess, Healer, Hunters, Guarders)
Family: Mother- Selena, Father- Sam (mate, cubs, parents, etc.)
Personality: Normally not very nice, very strict against intruders,
Appearance: White with blue eyes. (physical description)
History:She has always lived on the streets, and she is the only surviving of her litter. She was hit by a car, making her back-right leg disabled.
Other:Has a disabled leg in the back.
Picture:My RP Character(s) for "Street Cats" I222502980_10065_6

I'll post more later. XD



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My RP Character(s) for "Street Cats"
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